LUMI Vs Tommy Fury

LUMI Vs Tommy Fury

So... something cool happened (literally!) - LUMI got the golden ticket to get a sneak peek into Tommy Fury’s prep for the KSI showdown happening on 14th October 2023. Spoiler alert: It was icy!!

Getting into the Grind

Tommy’s been nothing short of a beast, guys. Training day-in, day-out, throwing punches like there’s no tomorrow. But we thought - why not sprinkle a bit of that Lumi magic into the mix?

First Impressions?

Picture this - Tommy, the lad who could probably take on a lion, eyed our LUMI Recovery PRO ice bath like it was the final boss. No joke, he said he’d rather do a dance with Mike Tyson than dip a toe in there! But hey, nobody ever won a fight by playing safe, right?

The Big Freeze

Armed with a rundown of all the amazing things an icy plunge can do, Tommy braved it. Three whole minutes in our Recovery Pro ice bath, and the bloke was a changed man. Talk about a glow-up!

He was all fire and ice, claiming he felt like he could punch a hole through a wall. Maybe not the wall bit, but you get the drift. Mental clarity? Check. Unstoppable vibes? Double-check.

New Routine, Who This?

Guess who’s got a shiny new Lumi ice bath added to their daily grind? Yup, Tommy. And honestly, we couldn’t be more chuffed about it. Gavin, the brains behind Lumi, is over the moon too.

Fight Night Forecast? Epic!

With the big night against KSI looming, Tommy’s not just stepping into the ring. Nah, he’s storming in, all guns blazing, ready to claim his crown. It’s going to be a showstopper, folks. Can’t wait to see our champ, armed with that Lumi edge, take the win.

So, here’s the rallying cry - Let’s GO, Tommy Fury! October 14th 2023 isn’t ready for the storm that’s coming. Stay tuned!! 🥊🔥