3 reasons why the LUMI miniPRO is the No.1 mini massage device

3 reasons why the LUMI miniPRO is the No.1 mini massage device

Let's take it back to the days where massage guns where simply jig saws with a ball attached, the design was owned by one of the market leaders Theragun offering a state of the art device that hadn't yet been ever seen on the market.

Fast forward to 4yrs later where we now offer the lading in a smaller more portable device, designed with 3 huge benefits.

1. Percussive massage

Percussive massage is a word heard and thrown around in the industry but what does it actually mean, well after a long time innovating there product Theragun where able to find that percussive massage was dictated by the speed that it vibrates over 3600rpm.

This means it will cause a ripple effect through the facia and muscle tissue much further than just a simple deep vibration. causing the facia to release you can find instant relief.

2. Aluminium Body

Designing the leading mini massage device was by no means a simple feat, and keeping it from over heating was just one of many obstacles making the device powerful enough yet small and light weight.

While innovating the mini we where able to use the highest grade brushed aluminium to not only bring you the iPhone of massage devices but also keep it cool when performing at the highest speed.

3. Lithium Battery

Batteries, we all know that a cheap battery really does last half the time in our TV remote, but when the device has a rechargeable battery we assume it will last forever, but the truth couldn't be further than this, cheap acid batteries will not only not last a lifetime but they will also degrade faster so your device will slowly have less and less holding time.

We designed the LUMI miniPRO with a Lithium battery of the highest quality to last a whopping 13hrs.