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So many people who undergo treatment to treat or prevent breast cancer lose their nipples during the process. NiP exists to provide realistic, long-lasting 3D nipple tattoos to breast cancer patients for free!

By taking on this challenge, you'll be raising awareness for this volunteer run charity, as well as breaking down the taboo around nipple talk.

By committing to take a plunge and exposing your nips to the cold, you're helping so many people regain confidence in their body as well as benefiting yourself from cold water exposure.

Are you up for the NiP challenge? Don’t forget to tag us in your nip tees and pods #FreezeTheNip

Our Promise

10% of every sale

LUMI will donate 10% of every 'Free-ze the Nip' sale directly to the NiP charity, which will help more cancer survivors get their confidence back.

Official start date

#FreezeTheNip challenge starts on the 4th February

10% of every sale

will be donated directly to the NiP charity

Your support is needed

help more cancer survivors with get their confidence back

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You are welcome to purchase the t-shirt on its own, or if you haven’t taken the plunge and bought a pod yet, we’re offering an exclusive bundle to get you kitted out completely. 10% of every sale will be donated directly to the NiP charity and will go to helping more cancer survivors with getting their confidence back.

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When does the challenge start?

The official date to start your #FreezeTheNip challenge is on the 4th February. So get involved, help us spread the world and get your freeze on!

We’ll be right there with you and will be sharing all of your fantastic pictures, posts and mentions across our social media. - You’ve got this!