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55 days to build a habit

When you join the LUMI 55 Club, we want you to enjoy every step of the way. To keep you motivated, we offer weekly giveaways for everyone who shares their journey. And if that isn't enough, imagine feeling amazing every day!

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"Yoga and ice baths go hand in hand. Being a yoga teacher part-time means I need to be at my best, and this helps daily to calm my nervous system."

Ella ~

"Being the founder of a ice bath company, I dedicated 365 days to doing an ice bath (and it changed my life!)."

Gavin ~

"I love an ice bath with my girlfriend every morning, it sets us up for our day.

She's a chef, so needs the de-stress."

Emily ~

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Making change in a community driven by cold water, reset your body and mind.

Join our global social group for cold-water enthusiasts. Experience camaraderie, tips, and encouragement at our online meet-ups designed to enhance connections, build confidence, and create lasting memories through cold water challenges.

Embrace the thrill of cold water immersion and the warmth of shared experiences.

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