LUMI V's Fury

Tommy Fury takes the plunge with LUMI

Tommy Fury, the renowned professional boxer and reality TV star, recently met up with us to try out our flagship product - the LUMI Recovery PRO ice bath.

Take a Deep Breath

Recover faster, mind, body and soul.

Learn the art of the stoic... find stillness in the chaos, and learn to control your mind better than ever before.

The Lumi Recovery Pod™ ice bath will not only give you the power to recover faster from your workout, it will help restore balance in your mind.

After regular use, cold water therapy will help you attain better sleep and boosted energy levels, ultimately improving your general mood and well-being.

Take that first step

How does it work?

When you are exposed to cold water, your blood vessels constrict and get smaller, and when you get out of the water, the change in temperature causes them to rapidly re-open, which can help to flush the muscles metabolic waste products.

The Lumi Recovery Pod™ ice bath will help you harness the body's natural healing powers.

Health Benefits of Cold Water Therapy

The body's natural healing powers can be harnessed through cold water immersion more and more. Wellness spas, health clinics, and sports therapists are increasingly offering cold water therapy. Their clients benefit from cold water immersion because it promotes healthy blood circulation, reduces high blood pressure, and boosts their immune systems.

Cold water therapy benefits athletes by improving cardiovascular circulation, reducing recovery times, and lowering their body temperature after high-intensity workouts in the heat. Even delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can be relieved by ice baths.

Athletes and expensive wellness centres no longer have to limit themselves to cold therapy. Home cold water immersion is hard to beat for people seeking to maximise their body's natural healing powers.


Here you can find all the frequently asked questions our customers have asked us about our Recovery Pod ice bath

* Please note:

The pod does not cool the water, but helps keeps the water at a steady temperature.

Accessories pack includes: - 6x Durable Support Legs, 1x Foot Pump, 1x Drain Hose, 2x Transparent Repair Patches, 1x User Manual.


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