Product condition breakdown


Products listed as "NEVER USED" are pristine items that boast their perfect, untouched condition. They have not been refurbished or altered but rather, they are brand new items that have remained untouched and unowned. Originating from previous collections, these pieces are gems that didn’t make it off the shelf but are now available for those who appreciate the uniqueness and exclusivity. Though they are no longer featured in our current LUMI catalog, each piece retains the premium quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and luxurious feel synonymous with our brand.


Products labeled as "GREAT" are items that have experienced the world but still retain their charm and functionality. These items exhibit minor signs of wear and tear, a testament to their use and enjoyment by a previous owner. However, rest assured that any wear is minimal and any repairs conducted are so finely done that they only add to the item's story without compromising its integrity. Our skilled artisans have meticulously reconditioned each piece, ensuring they are revived and ready for more adventures, delivering both aesthetic appeal and functionality.


When you come across products marked as "GOOD," you’re meeting items that wear their history with pride. They have been used and loved, and as a result, they exhibit repairs and the addition of new replacement soles, showcasing their journey. Every stitch, patch, and repair tells a story of a life well-lived and adds to the item's character. Although they have been lovingly reconditioned to meet the rigorous demands of another pair of feet, these items boast a combination of original and renewed components. Each piece is a testament to the enduring quality of LUMI products, ready to offer comfort, style, and utility to their new owner.

*Please Note – The uniqueness of items in the "GOOD" category is further accentified by the occasional variance in specific components. Depending on availability, elements like valves, rings, and materials might be different from the original, adding a distinctive touch to each piece while ensuring quality and functionality are never compromised. Each item is a unique blend of the old and new, showcasing the exquisite amalgamation of history and renewed vitality.