Cold Water Therapy

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Your experiences
Customer 1

"My work is very stressful. Coming home to a cold dip resets my nervous system, clears my mind, and is a moment of calm in a hectic life."

Emma ~

Customer 2

"Every day is better! My daily cold plunge has made me more brave in all aspects of my life. It gives me a greater belief in myself."

James ~

Customer 3

"So refreshing to have the facility at home to improve my health and well-being with cold water therapy, to improve my mindset, my sleep and my quality of life."

Alison ~

What a cold dip can do for you


Helps Recovery

Aids post-workout muscle recovery


Relieves Stress

Helps to alleviate daily stress and anxiety


More Energy

Provides a natural post-dip energy boost


Improved Sleep

Over time, enjoy better quality sleep

Why cold water?

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to improve your mental health, you may want to consider taking an ice bath.

There are many physical benefits to using ice baths, such as improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and decreased muscle soreness. But did you know that cold water therapy can also improve your mental health?

The LUMI Recovery Pod, your ultimate solution for harnessing the power of cold water therapy. Using our recovery pod makes it easy to integrate ice baths into your wellness routine. Beyond the physical benefits, the cold water immersion provided by the LUMI Recovery Pod can elevate your mood, improve mental clarity, and build resilience.

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Introducing the LUMI Recovery Pod

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